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Space: The final Frontier

Houston, I need a bottle, waaaa.

Today, 12 Feb 01, at 1500 EST the probe NEAR-Shoemaker will be crash landed onto Asteroid Eros. Eros is the asteroid it has been orbiting and photographing for some time. Not much of a retirement plan if you ask me. I'm glad I don't work for NASA. Well, solong NEAR-Shoemaker and thankyou for all the pics.

Hey, where's my gold watch and pension?!!

Are we alone?

Real Martian

Real Martian

Real Martian

This is my repository for some space pictures that I think everybody will enjoy. This is only a small fraction of the ones have on my drive but I think these are the best ones.


This Old Lair

Free as a Bird

Space: The Final Frontier

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Here are some pics of deep space objects.

Eta Carina
This is Eta Carina. An exploded star.

For some reason, this is not the Keyhole Nebula.

Keyhole Nebula
This is the Keyhole Nebula. It's the home of Eta Carina.

This is NGC 3132. It was my first space background pic. Still in my list and still pretty cool.

This is M57, star (nebula) of the one of the Star Trek series. It's in the background of astrometrics in Star Trek Voyager.

This is the star forming region of M16. (A close up of which is seen in Astrometrics on Star Trek Voyager along with the Veil and Cat's eye Nebulae and something call M2-9.)

Ok, this is in the Astrometrics Lab on Star Trek Voyager. The Cat's Eye Nebula.

Ever wonder what it would look like if a star hit a nebula? Here's IRS 8.

Abell 39
Ok, enough bow waves. Here's an exploding star for ya. Bad news for the locals but it sure is pretty.

Sharpless 212
Here's a nice nebula, Sharpless 212.

Tadpole Galaxy
This a great pic of the Arp 188 Galaxy. Look at all those other galaxies in the backgroud. Wow, nice.

The Orion Nebula - M42, M43 and M78
Here's a wide angle shot of the whole Orion Nebula. Very nice.

Here are some more of my favorite deep space objects.

This is M104. The Sombrero Galaxy, also a candidate for M102.

This is Andromeda, M31.

M42 and 43
This is the Orion Nebula, M42 and M43.

Horsehead Nebula
This is another favorite. The Horsehead Nebula.

This is M51. Don't let this happen to your galaxy.

This one is just pretty. NGC 6751.

NGC 2392
This is the Eskimo Nebula.

This one is nice. The Hourglass Nebula.

BZ Cam
They say this is a binary star plowing through a nebula. I don't see it unless it's the one in the back. Oh well, here's BZ Cam.

Nice spiral
This is a nice pic of a spiral galaxy. They don't name it. They are focused on the bright spot lower left which is a super nova.

V838 Monocerotis.
Another cool looking blown up star. The Hubble is money well spent as far as I'm concerned.

Ring Galaxy AM 0644-741 from Hubble.
What would happen if two galaxies collided? Something similar to the Ring Galaxy. This is AM644-741.

Here are some pics from around my solar system. It's called The Sol system. I don't know why they did'nt call it the jt-3d system. That's what I get for missing meetings.

Home, sweet home.
This is the Earth and Moon. I live here. It's home to some 6 billion other folks that I let live here.

The Sun
This is my sun. It keeps my electric bill high in the summer.

Mercury, up close.
Here's the planet Mercury. The light patches are missing data. I'd bet that it's brownish and covered with craters.

The surface of Venus
The Russians landed a few probes on Venus. They soon got crushed by the atmosphere but managed to send back some pictures first.

This is the next planet going out from the Earth. I named it 'Mars'.

Mars surface
For you purists out there, here's the Mars surface without the martian.gif treatment.

This is Jupiter. A gas giant.

This is Saturn. Another gas giant and the coolest planet in the system.

This is my favorite asteroid, Eros. It is my favorite because it's a non-Earth crosser and the NEAR-Shoemaker has taken some really great pictures of it.

Shuttle Atlantis docked with the Mir station.
Here is the space shuttle Atlantis docked with the (late) space station Mir.

Remember Skylab?

See some great space pics at


Here's a couple of good beginner astronomy sites to check out.

This is kind of cool. 2Mar00 all the planets, the Moon and the Sun were all up.

However, the orrery view shows that they aren't really lined up too well. Still, we were all alone for awhile. I wasn't scared, were you?

BTW, note that Pluto is just passing outside the orbit of Neptune. From 1979 to 1999 Neptune was actually the farthest planet. Well, things are back to normal now.