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JT-3D's Links page.

These are some of my favorite links. I will add more as I find them. BTW, if you think these are paid ads, you are mistaken. These are screenshots I made to give the place some color. I don't care if you click on them or not. If you still think they're ads look down some and ask yourself if you really think anyone would pay to advertise the Trojan room coffee machine. hehe

This Old Lair

Free as a Bird

Captain Weasel's Christmas Page.

SPACE: The Final Frontier.

Captain Weasel welcomes you to the home of Weasel Virtual Airlines



FlightSim Links

Flight Sim comparison

This is APOD. It is the best source of space pics on the net.

J-Track is a site which lets you track various satellites relative to your location.

This is the Zone. It supports many on-line playable games and simulations. It also has lots of free ones.

Classic Gaming
CG is a site for retro-gamers and emulation. It will also tell you about emulation.

C:Dos Classic Games
This site is a very good free game site. It does'nt have as much as Ingava had but then ingava seems to be gone so, this site is now the best. Lot's of free stuff to download, including FS4. OK, this was a good site for old stuff. Now it looks like you have to join up. I did get FS4 though.

This is an awesome abandoned games site. There is some stuff that can't be had here (like MS stuff, suprise) but synopsis and downloads for alot of old games.

Urban Legends
Urban Legends? Yup the best urban legends site. Check out the 'Inboxer Rebellion' before forwarding all those e-mail warnings and chain letters.

Here's a good weather radar site.

History Channel
Do you wonder what happened today in history? Me too, so go here and find out.

Here's a good resource for ghosttown enthusiasts.

This is Wil Wheaton's (Wesley Crusher of Star Trek TNG fame) site. He runs his own site or I would not link it. He's pretty funny too. Have a look. Yeah, I know nobody liked him. He knows it too. Look anyway.

Trojan Room Coffee Pot
If you've ever wondered where the webcam got it's start, here's the answer. (Well, the TRCM has moved. It was sold on E-Bay and now lives in Hamburg. Bid history here.) This is the old site for the TRCM. Ausgezeichnet!!

This is a pretty good Java version of Battleship you can play on-line.

And this is a really fun version of BattleZone.

I have been very remiss in not including my html mentor. This is a great tutorial for html. I got my start in html from this site and now look at the mess I've made.

These are the other sites that I have polluted the net with, sorry.

The First Page of the Internet.

My humorous downloads page.

Airbag Airways
A sadly neglected site which is on the verge of extinction

I also revived the Hampster Dance page

Here's my first (and maybe only) flight sim scenery review. Bon apetite, or something.

Here is my MS Train Sim page.

Why, yes, I have a page for Orbiter here.

Virtual Sailor? Never heard of it...haha. Of course I have a VS page.