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This is my Picture page. Pics of whatever I want.
Like my newest niece. Ain't she adorable?

Hi, my name's Allison.
They are linked for a bigger version if you wish.
I can read too!
This is my niece, the upgraded model. Thanks to Microsoft for Baby 2001. This version comes with MS BabyRead 6 which was not available for earlier versions of Baby. Of course, Baby 6 costs more but with the added features, it is worth the upgrade. Speaking of upgrades, users of Baby 99 or any previous version of Baby are out of luck and must make, er, buy the newer version (which is, of course superior and more expensive). There are no rebate programs for upgraded version of Baby and you must run older versions of Baby in addition to any upgrades you may later buy. Enjoy Baby!!

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SPACE: The Final Frontier.

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Flight Sim comparison

Ah, the South Pacific...
Here's a shot of the BoraBora ramp in fs2002 using addon terrain mesh and addon island scenery. Very nice.

Here's a Tripacer on final for BocaRaton,FL., not a small fishing village on the southern coast of Alaska (Pics by DT676).

Yawn patrol
Having left Laramie, WY a couple of hours before sunrise following highway 80 west, I was glad to see dawn finally coming. Note: This is a Jenny from FS98. It still works in FS2002. It's the same one I showed over Chicago in FS2000.

Here's a pair of Piper Cubs flying around Akutat, AK. a small fishing village on the southern coast of Alaska. (DT676 and leo980)

Between Runs
Here is the first glimpses of a new (and as far as I know, the only) crop duster scenery for flightsim. Here I am knocking back some cold ones under the most evil memosa tree in south Texas. dt676 has worked long and hard on this. It's very cool. I hope he releases it some day. (The plane is an AirTractor AT401b by Deane Baunton. ( Also search for 'air tractor' and 'airtractor' at

Burger, fries and a shake to go, please.
Here's dt676 showing us the not so golden arch of St. Louis.

I scanned this from a book.

Aviating over Chicago in a Jenny. Note the MS balloon. Never miss a chance for a plug, even if it's on a product that has already been bought, sheesh. Well, let's call it a signature and press on.

Things that make you go Boom.
Here's something you don't see every day. DT attacks a Jap sub with bombs on a Piper Cub. Only in Combat Flightsim2.

Which way?
This is what you'll see if you fly from Baglung(VNBL) to Jomsom(VNJS), Nepal. Take a right and 5nm north you'll you'll see this. Take the valley to the right. Straight will end you up on a rise next to that lovely mountain you see in the distance and left will put you somewhere in the boonies. Good flying. Fly Nepal!

Now this is what I call nailing the VOR. I almost nailed the mountain too. I must have picked up some ice. Red Table VOR on approach to Aspen, CO.

Ending a Run.

Here I am coming back from a drop on some unwary crop eating critters. Notice that that tree sticks out over the runway. This scenery only works with FS2000.

dt676 has made this scenery available for download here.(864k so far)

How can this thing still be flying?

So I'm shooting it out with five or six squadrons of Betty Bombers in CFS2. I take a look outside to see what my plane looks like and WOW!!, the engine is gone!

Adios, junk pile!

I did have to bail out but only because, on this mission, you don't get enough fuel. The plane was still flying. I'd say there's a bug in the damage profile.

Daddy, can I have the keys?
Now I challenge anyone to tell me this ain't darn cute.
Buy this for me, Daddy.
Here's another cute one.

Here's some pics of a C-47 that stopped by SAT.

C-47 C-47

C-47 C-47 crew dogs

We caught the crew before they left and they agreed to pose for a pic. Thanks, guys!

I can be contacted by clicking this. You never know, if your pics are cool I might post them. Try it and see.