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Ah good, you found me. Welcome.

I've been busy. I got me a new telescope.

Oolala, a big ten inch.

Just in time to have a really good look at Mars. Also got to see Neptune and Uranus for the first time. Andromeda and some Messiers as well. What a blast. Once I get me some CCD stuff or at least a camera mount I can bore everybody by putting them on the site. Whoopee!

ATTENTION! Mars wiil not be the closest it's ever been this August or any other you are likely to see. This email refers to August 2003, when I bought that telescope. Also when I typed the paragraph above. Every year this email gets redated and sent out again. I can only think it's dusted off by non-astronomer types who think Mars comes close every year. It's actually every two years and two months, roughly.

Site links on the left, recent site history on the bottom, my e-mail link below that, just like 95% of all the other sites you've ever been to. Unlike 95% of the sites you've ever been to, I don't use a builder so things can get a little sloppy. I apologize, there is no excuse for sloppiness but here's mine anyway. I sometimes have to weigh the time it would take to straighten things up with the time I could be doing something else (like playing Project Firestart or running TrainSimulator or Flightsim2002 or even watching the Trojan Room Coffee Machine fill up). Or indeed, finding the new home of the TRCM. If you've ever added a table manually you will understand. At any rate, I try to make it somewhat entertaining. Usually I fail. Well, enough whining, enjoy.

26Dec: Well, the Lair is on probation. Tripod has cut free bandwidth and server space back. It hasn't affected this site so far but I'm already over the new server limit. If the new restrictions get dropped on me I will have to decide weather to pay up or fold this mess. Does anybody care?. The trend on the net is no more free rides. It's their hardware, they can do what they want. I will have to see what I do.
16Jan: Well, still no updates. What a loser webmaster I am. Sorry. Well, I'm now #3 on yahoo search for 'jt-3d'. How bout that.
19Jan: Added screenshots from FlightSim 1 to the flightsim comparison page.
16Feb some minor changes to the flightsim comparison page.
28Feb: New lead in up top. CDOS is down again. Who cares at this point anyway? Also, removed Migmans link from the links page because he's a fashist (I don't even care enough to look up the spelling). All he has is information and some flashy gifs that he wants to sell you a subscription for. If you want to see click here. I say it's not even worth a click. $24 for six months of looking at the same gifs, weeee. Somebody is full of himself.
28Mar: finally updated. Unfortunatly it's a new op-ed.
7 Apr: Just some house keeping. Amazing how fast links become obsolete. Hey, I did stop by though.
7Apr Auch dieser Tag or something, the Trojan Room Coffee Machine is still up!! Now it's in Hamburg though. Cool. It turns out that Spiegel bought it and set it up in Hamburg. Spiegel looks like an on-line magazine. My german sucks though so I'll have to check it out later. Truly a great day for TRCM fans everywhere.
1May: Oh my, a NEW op-ed.
2May: Added a couple of pics to the space page.
16May:Uh-oh they found me. I got notified of my web glut. I'm over the limit. Well time for some editing DAMMIT!
17May: OK, I resized a bunch of pics and deleted alot of stuff including my FS Christmas page. Bah, humbug. But I got rid of 7meg of server space. I hope tripod is happy now. My account is exactly 20meg.
15Jun: Well, I am moving again. It's going pretty well since I'm keeping the same layout and content. I have to have the old site up to have a starting place. This is it.
23Jun: I think I got it all moved. At least I moved enough to have this site working. I think all the links are fixed. I'll have to check it again though.
8Jul: Ok, now all the linked pictures are uploaded. There were a few that didn't get uploaded and FTP Explorer wouldn't connect for some reason so I left town for a few days and now it works. Anyway, I think now I'm all moved.
7Aug: I'm still here, just unimaginative at the moment. I fixed some links in this history section. Tripod required a slash in front of site links but prohosting doesn't so all the short links were broke. Anyway, I'm not dead yet so bring all my stuff back.
Oh yeah, I added a link to The Really Big Button that Doesn't do Anything. Check it out for hours of fun.
10 Aug: Uh oh a new op-ed, sorry.
28 Aug: New op-ed, I sure have alot of opinions it would seem.
31Aug: RIAA pantsing: You have got to see this if you hate what RIAA is trying to do. Hurry though. Well done, guys!
30Sep: New op-ed, sorry.
1 Oct: By popular demand the op-ed page has been changed to default colors (black on white) to make it easier to read. All other pages will stay the same for now.
29 Oct: I don't know what's going on. prohosting moved servers and now it seems that the home page is moved or something. It's a mess.
1Nov: It's maddening. Apparently I have to add .html on the addresses. Also there are 2 accounts ~jt3d and jt3d and either one will work. I don't get it. Anyway, it's here now.
18Dec: My eyebrows are growing together. I found a hair right between my eyebrows and when I looked there were a whole lot of them. That sucks. Oh well, a sad update, I know but I've been busy with other things. It's not that I don't care but the ideas have to come from somewhere and I've been concetrating on Shaefers and my Virtual Sailor scenery so this has to pass as an update. I hope you enjoyed it.
23Jan: Well, I recently got a notice from Prohosting that my free hosting is over and they want $9.95. It's not the money but the only way to pay up is through Paypal. I am not sure I want to do that but we will see. On the plus side, there is no more ad at the top. Anyway, I don't have anything to add to the site. I'm a lousy webmaster.
6Mar: My little goodbye to Mister Rogers up top.
6Mar: Well, it's been nice and quiet around here lately. I've ruined that with another oped. I'm all paid up with prohosting now so there should be no problems. Gee, this place has gotten downright maudlin lately. I really need to pep it up somehow. I'll work on that.
6Mar: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I've put my hotmail account on exclusive trying to get off of some spam lists. It's just an experiment really but the way it's set up all spam gets delivered and then sorted by the filter. That does not discourage spam so I'm causing them to bounce. It's for the good of all that I do this. Anyway it's been like that for a couple weeks so I'll leave it for a couple more and see. Might become an annual thing if it works.
15Mar: Well, that didn't work. All hotmail does is delete unwanted mail. It doesn't bounce it. I'm now off exclusive and the spam is just as plentiful as it was. Oh well, one day I'll have to change my address.
24Mar: new oped.
1Apr: new oped. War sucks but it's good for us media types.
26May: Time sure flies. Added a link to my new hangout at Red vs Blue
20July: New oped.
31Aug: I finally changed the flightsim pics of Seattle on the FS Comparison page. In other news - My daily spam mail has dropped way off. I only get four or five a day now. Could it be that since spammers are starting to be rounded up they have gone to ground? I sure hope so. Things are looking up for us all.
25Nov: Ass backwards is me. Updates on the bottom. I is odd. Anywho, new oped. I suck at the webmastering. Sorry, uh wait no I ain't. Anyway, anybody that stops by is a great person. Wow, did I mention that I like the beer. Really, thanks.
26Nov: I feel awful. I have a hangover that would kill a moose. However, even in my drunken state, I noticed that I was missing a lot of opeds from the oped page. I did find them in a file I had laying around so I copied then back onto the page (I think). I don't know how they got deleted but I guess I need to do better backing up. It sure would be terrible if my rantings got lost.
13Jan04 Oh another another oped. Yippee I guess. In other news, my kids gave me FS04 for Christmas. I may add new pics to the FS Comparison page. I don't know. So far it's about the same as 02. Actually it's worse but I might need an article on that. Anyway, I'm grabbing a beer.
11 April: Sadly, I have not died. (Oh how goth). No I've been tied up at redvsblue, most of the time. It's not that I don't love my readers, well you know, if I had any. But now I get to vent in the RvB forum instead of saving and venting here. I know I have a problem. I plan to quit, I want to quit but I sure love the buttons. Maybe something will piss me off soon.
26 April: Just stopped by to add a new picture to the space page. It's on APOD today. I joined the forum over at Bad Astronomy too. It has some pretty interesting discussions. I like it.
06May: 'Why doesn't this asshole update with the new stuff on top?' I hear you asking. Damn, I don't know. I just realized I was doing it wrong. Anywho, I think I'll have at that sometime. For now, new oped because I love you so much.
14May: New oped - oh goody.
29May: Whoopy, a new oped, uh yeah.
26Jul: Hello, my many fans. I have now quit Red vs Blue. That frees up six to sixteen hours a day for me.It was a complete waste of time and I can't believe I wasted as much time there as I did. Anyway you can expect some updates to this glorious web experience sometime soon. You can also expect to sprout wings and fly. One of these things will happen. The other merely may happen. Anyway, I'm back into flightsim and plan on more star gazing. I also finally got a HAM radio license after putting it off for 30 years. Anyway, things are back to what passed as normal before the RvB thing.
29Aug: Wow, it's been a long time. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is there's a new oped. I lied about the good news.
22Nov: Oh looky, a new oped. So solly.
20Dec: I encountered something in CFS2 that I thought was worth adding to the Pics page. Check it out.
14Apr05: I finally added another oped. Actually, I added one in March too but never updated this page. Not that anybody noticed. I do them for me anyway. Oh, and Happy New Year.
14Sep05: A new a oped. It's tough coming up with new stuff.
19Jan06. Looks like I missed my last update oin october. Oh well, there was an update on October. Now there's one this month too!!11oops. eh.
16Aug06 I guess I'm getting chatty. I posted a new rant on the 26th of July. I just koncked out another masterpiece a bit ago. Who knows when the next great masterpiece will appear. The interweb is so exciting.....zzz. Anyway, there you have it.
22Aug The Lair is moving again. This time to my own domain. It's about time too. I've still got a lot of moving to do. I'll leave the old one up incase the domain thing doesn't work out but the new home of the Lair is http://www.jt-3d.com/jts_lair.html.
24Aug What lousy birthday. At least the car is working again. I'm all moved so that's that. http://www.jt-3d.com/jts_lair.html No more prohosting. The old Lair shall lay fallow until such time as I no longer need my own domain which will be at least a year.
23Sep06:Where do I come up with this stuff? A new op-ed and this one sucks.
5Dec06:new new oped.It must be good, it's about bombs and stuff.
15Apr07 A new oped. Actually there was one in january that I was too lazy to announce. It's just that I now have so many outlets for my rage that I mostly just blow off a little there instead letting it build up and blow it off here. I'm so ashamed.
26MAy07 A op-ed thingy.
23Jul07 I are a website master thingy. So a new op-ed. All hale.
29Oct A new op-ed. Also my new OS - Winders Media Edition popup blocker thingy bitches about this page because I have a javascript email link on it. Yeah, I know it's really IE6. That's not the point. Not to fear, the page is safe but there's also a regular email link. I just haven't cleaned out the javascript one yet. Just don't allow it, the popup blocker thing is pretty nice. Obey.
9Feb08 Believe it or not, a new op-ed piece. Just because I care.
10june08 Hmm, I seemed to have missed an update. Well, updated it is, at least the op-ed page. I wish I wasn't too lazy to link the actual articles. I am though, sorry.
2Nov08 Finally an update. naturally it's on the op-ed page.
12Nov08: BLAM, double tap for the month. This seems to have turned into a blog. Oh well.
13Jan09: noo oped
2May09: Updated this page to show that I updated the rant page. You know the way.
25May: Memorial Day rant.
4Aug09: Cleaned out the Links page.
27Oct: Made the intenet a little bit sadder by adding a new oped.
11Mar10 A new oped. Yeaa.
29Oct10 Long time no fiddle with. Tidied up a bit and added a new link to another FS History site to the FS Compare page. Cool site.
12Jul11 Sometimes bitching in a forum isn't enough. oped: The Return. Ant thus, the internet becomes a bit sadder place. :(


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