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Captain Weasel welcomes you to the home of Weasel Virtual Airlines



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"We Make Feathers Fly"

This is the home page of Weasel Airlines. We are the only VA to specialize in the transport of live chickens between Chicago's Meigs Field, O'Hare International and Midway Airport. Click the To Map
to see our area of operations.

Our home
This is our headquarters at Meigs. Thanks to Cpt. dt_Weasel for taking down the lights. Now wax my Autogyro's rotors, please.

Sun powered chickens.
Cpt. Weasel saw this plane at and decided he could save fuel costs if our planes were solar powered. So he built one over a weekend and flew it. Due to him being drunk on Shaefer beer he forgot to include any room for the chickens. When he sobered up after running out of beer he scrapped the idea but a spy for NASA had seen his design and they stole it for their own use. I think it's despeakuble..., dicpakib...,duspr...not very nice.

Aidi's Vision

Aidi's Vision
Here's a design courtesy of Aidi. The Quadwing Beech. And you thought Rutan had some weird designs. Well, Captain Weasel will fly anything, the chickens must get through.

Frying chicken.
Yesterday Cpt. Icarus Weasel flew too close to the sun again.This time in our new MD-11 resulting in his delivering 3000 head of fried chicken and a paint job.
While we do encourage a cavalier attitude among our pilots, we prefer that you trash another airline's planes. As you probably know, Capt. Weasel is also our only mechanic and has his paws full just crushing all the beer cans that accumulate around the HQ. So, let's try to take care of the gear, yourself and the chickens, in that order.

Drunken weasels.
Uhoh, it looks like Captain Weasel has been into the weasel nip again. Clear the deck.

Captain Weasel returns, everybody clean up!
At Weasel Airlines, everybody flies. Here Captain Weasel returns from an emergency chicken run in his private plane.

Akutat, AK
What do the fine folks of Akutat, AK eat when they are tired of fish? Chicken, of course. Here's a very special Weasel charter. Flown by DT676 and filmed by leo980.

Weaselish Airlinski
It's seems that our little VA has attracted global attention. Here's an AN-124 repainted by rossoCorse2mila. (Although I'm not sure, this looks like the original is from (at flightsim) by Daniel Mrawek. (A mini review here. This thing is a handful to get in the air when full of fuel. Then it gets easier after you burn some off. This seems pretty realistic to me. Give it a try.)

Chick's, get it?

No RW, sorry.
Due to the noise associated with hundreds of live chickens, we do not use Roger Wilco.

To call Captain Weasel just dial... or you can shine the Weasel Light(tm) up in the sky.

Okay, so where does one go if one can't handle the pressure of Weasel VA due to any or all of the following: a)grueling routes b)2am chicken runs because you're the only sober pilot c)the smell d)the noise e)the other pilots f)the smell and noise of the other pilots g)you hate working for a boss that looks and smells like a weasel? Airbag Airways.